Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the ad that I added?
You can find by searching the list of ads.

Can I change my account information?
You can change your account settings section of your account.

How goes my ad?
All ads are valid for 30 days on site.

Can I change my ad is promoted?
Yes, you can alter your ad, whether or not promoted.

What if someone added to my listings?
We recommend you to report announcement or contact us.

Can I remove the ad from the site?
Yup. Your ad can be disabled and thus will not be visible on the site.

How to create an attractive ad

Description is the announcement that attract customers; So try to create a headline that draws attention to your ad interesting! In this description of your potential customers will be careful while browsing through the list of ads. When you write an ad description, try to provide as much information as possible in a short and simple form. Remember whenever you read an ad that made you the person who published writing to provide you more details, due to lack of information? Try adding more information in the ad as possible, so that customers no longer have other questions. Be concise and clear, avoiding emotional deployments and do not use vulgar words. It is important to not use CAPS LOCK button, for your announcement should sound encouraging, and not otherwise.

Tip: Do not add too much information in the title - you add all the necessary information in the description.